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Adam Young

Born in 1983 in Leeds, Adam Young graduated with a BA Hons in Art, Event, Performance in 2011 from Leeds Metropolitan University. Since finishing his degree he has showed works nationally and internationally in both a solo and collaborative capacity. 

His work is routed in the emancipatory qualities of participation and its limits. Adam uses humor as a tool to approach difficult subjects with a light touch, often opening up space for conversation and open endedness. His work as a freelance arts facilitator has led him to lecture at degree level, curate group shows, direct festivals and run arts venues. Adam creates installation and performance regularly and is now seeking to tour his work. 

His recent project ‘Confessional’ is in the early development stages and with the support of HOARD, Adam hopes to relocate a cherished practice from his childhood, out of his Catholic past, into a secular arts context. At present it is encouraged that the public play with the work and feed back on the walls of the booth. Adam has showcased work both solo and collaboratively at SPILL Festival, Shunt London, Compass Late, The Hepworth Gallery, Leeds City Gallery, Leeds Museum,  Beacons Festival, Acud Berlin & Northern Ballet. Adam is co-founder of Indivisible, Artistic Director of (in)Xclusion Festival, founder of Live Art Bistro and Curator of VANTAGE Art Prize. 

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