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Alice Bradshaw

Alice Bradshaw is an artist, curator, researcher and writer based in West Yorkshire, UK. She works with a wide range of media and processes involving the manipulation of everyday objects and materials. Mass-produced, anonymous objects are often rendered dysfunctional caricatures of themselves, addressing concepts of purpose and futility. Alice creates or accentuates subtleties, blurring distinctions between the absurd and the mundane. Alice is founding director of the Museum of Contemporary Rubbish which is dedicated to the collecting, documenting and exhibiting of rubbish from across the world and is currently undertaking her MA by Research at the Univeristy of Huddersfield exploring artists' use of rubbish/waste/discards.

For HOARD, I have collected every item of rubbish from my art practice during 2012 that would have otherwise been thrown away. In defining what is related to my practice as an artist, I've kept the rubbish which is produced through activities such as the physical production of art objects, posting, transporting and exhibiting work, researching and visiting other events and exhibitions. I've also included in the collection the rubbish which is produced whilst undertaking these primary activities such as coffee drunk in the studio, wine drunk in meetings, tights laddered on art and detritus from medical circumstances impacting on my practice. 

This HOARD documents one calendar year of my life in the form of the negatives of practice. Each object has a personal history and narrative connected to my practice and the various activities that comprise my artistic life. They are the offcuts, the misprints, the used and consumed and the watched, attended and discussed. Objects that do not appear in the HOARD include diaries, sketchbooks and notebooks, receipts needed for tax returns, books, materials that might by used for future works and any other objects considered to have potential use value. Objects which are considered works of art are also not included in the HOARD.


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