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Angela Tait and Ian Clegg


   • n.noun

       1. A hidden fund or supply stored for future use; a cache.

    • v.verb

       1. To gather or accumulate a hoard.

       2. To accumulate a hoard of.

       3. To keep hidden or private.

(G)love – an on-going collection of lost (found) gloves collected, cleans and catalogued over the course of the last seven years. (G)love was conceived by and belongs to Angela. It is an artwork with performative connotations and her seasonal obsession.

The translation of the (G)loves into a collaborative artwork requires intervention. Over the course of the project our ‘hoard’ will morph from a documentary collection with finite rules and a traceable history into something different, a number of steps removed from that which can accurately be ascertained or interpreted. 

Currently a series of ceramic luggage labels are being created. The labels reference the cataloguing of the original collection but omit any of the documentary detail barring a single image upon each piece. The series will develop and grow throughout the duration of hoard into another collection abstracted from the original. A collection with the potential for multiple sculptural forms and interpretations.

Alongside the solid permanence of the ceramic, another abstraction is beginning to emerge. A series of extensive prints which dominate the gallery space, tumbling from the ceiling in ribbons resembling traditional film reels or huge photographic negatives. These extended monoprints straddle the gallery floor, manipulating the viewer’s path amongst its winding lengths. Visible are snippets of the original gloves and labels, sometimes barely discernible in their new incarnation.

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