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Daniel Lamb

 My current work is a progressive study of an on going research which examines some of the prominent emerging theories associated with the new materialisms in the fields of material culture studies, philosophy and science studies. It concerns developments in theoretical practice that call into question the binarism and anthropocentrism of critical theory and the cultural turn. The new materialisms, in their different ways, speculate on how things are material, singular and entangled. They have radically redefined post-human politics, agency, corporeality, criticality, representation, and time. 

I am interested in combing the properties of all drawing, painting, sculpture,installation and want to combine these into one artistic practice. I feel this approach to making work echoes Baumans concepts of liquid modernity. Another large part of my practice is the concept of the artists as the performer, examining the various spatial and architectural features of an exhibition space and constructing ways in which to create whilst exposing the essence of the materials used.

By using materials such as bitumen I again refer back to the working man’s hand. This I believe is important to stress the loss of manual labour in the shift into service sector. This as well secures past narratives of ‘the working man’ along with the materials the colour of my work refers to an article I discovered . This although ironic when looking at sustainability and recycling shows the transition and the fluidity of past which merges with the present. I wish to create a piece to explain further the words of Karl Marx ‘All that is solid melts into air’. This would be achieved with Ice and its changing forms.

The artists hand shows ones identity and enables solidarity within a ‘Liquid Modernity’ described by Bauman. It not only allows the artist recognition for his self but for others the position themselves from it. I believe the artists hand encapsulates art histories and my intention to bring back the artist to the forefront.

The visibility of my marks within a piece is used as a conscious portrayal of unconscious thoughts which I can then use to progress from. My art becomes a method for phantasy and desires to be released then examined. My work, although repetitive is the evaluative process of my thoughts and tension.

I find the audience as a main part within a piece. I work hard to make my work to become engaging not just to the eye but the mind. I strongly believe this to be important with the domination of Photography.

Reduced to creating visual 2D studies id like to take my research into the 3 dimensional form as I believe it will encapsulate my artistic intention. I feel this is the next natural progression of my on going research and having such benefits as a creative professional space in which to work will be of significant benefit as I believe this is to be my main limitation in the progression of my work.
The materials I use hold conations of their own. The idea of using recycled materials shows the recycling of materials and also the continuation of histories and narratives that they bring to the piece. I also wanted to highlight the idea of recycling and sustainability within my work not only does it show new transition that our society is heading towards it’s a positive way to bring solidarity. Another way in which the idea of sustainability of my materials becomes useful , is through the idea that my work can be seen to be timeless and carry a ‘sustainable’ message.

The changing form and shape of my materials when in different environments captures a humanness and malleability as if they change identity. This is inspired by the postmodern ideas of Bourdieu and his idea of habitus where by the body is read and reveals the deepest disposition of the habitus. 

My concept i would like to bring to HOARD is to collect a particular material and installing it as a small installation that i believe would bring the 'artist hand' to the forefront. I feel this would be a strong continuation of my practice and the material i intend to gather would hold a strong connection with the space in situ giving the piece an added substance.


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