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Emily Simpson

 My practice is not currently concerned with a specific media, but is united by the 
same concept, that of entropy, the gradual decline of order. My work seeks to 
disassemble the common signs of meaning or reality, playing with the ‘pleasures 
of chaos’ to create a slippage of understanding, of representation. This can be 
done through the camera, where the photographic is devoid of preconceptions 
of representation, ceasing to ‘attest that the world exists’ as is commonly 
assumed by removing form and ‘truthful’ representation from the image. The 
photographic image no longer serves as an assumed ‘extension’ of reality, rather 
as a tool of expression, from which to reinterpret, to paint instead of depict, to 
make the physical abstract. Similarly this ‘slippage’ of meaning can be expressed 
through physical form, such as a succession of disassembled and reassembled 
objects. Here the process of unraveling and reforming devoids the object from 
its function, allowing us to reimagine through degeneration. Undeniably the 
object cannot be reformed ‘perfectly’, allowing a deliberated framework from 
which accidental disorder can exist. This use of a self-imposed ‘framework’ 
within which order and disorder can align is central to my practice. By setting 
parameters for the work to form within, I allow a ‘system’ of accident to unfold. 
These accidents may be of nature, of the man made or mechanical. For example 
a recent work focused upon the continual scanning and reprinting of a ‘blank’ 
image, allowing the mechanical discrepancies of printing to materialize and 
dematerialize substance. Not being guided by any unified form or media, I 
allow a process of ‘collection’ and observation to inform a work or process’ 
starting point. ‘HOARD’ therefore would exist as an incubation space, in which 
these series and collections can exist. By collating objects of personal interest, 
often the mundane or minute, I am able to conceive my own means of arbitrary 
systemization, from which works can evolve or reside within, developing a 
correspondence between formulaic and chaotic order, between accidental and 
formalized disorder.

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