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What is it?

The project aims to explore the popular myth (?) if you eat cheese before bed, you’ll get nightmares by asking 5 volunteers across the UK to eat cheese (a different cheese every night in fact) before bed every night for a month and record their dreams.

Not only will we find out if it is actually true… we will analyze WHICH cheeses (if any) are the main culprits.

The data collection, analysis and compilation will take place over one month, and various factors will be explored:

Will the cheese induced subconscious reveal the volunteers worries, secrets and desires?

Will the different volunteers’ dreams recorded have any similarities?

Would they have any relation to current events in their own lives and the wider world?

Why are you doing this?

Because I work in a cheese shop, I am an artist and I like making graphs.

How did this even come about?

In 2010 a delicatessen I worked for went out of business, all I was left with was an apron and a chalk board with all of the cheeses written that were sold at the deli as a momentum.

I decided it would be a good idea to use them as props for something.

I started thinking about ways I could play with the notion of roles (cheese girl, artist, con woman, confidant, skint, foodie, minimum wage slave, trader, low skilled wheeler-dealer contemporary artist trying to ‘make a quick buck’) and particularly the themes of gift, trading orexchange. I thought perhaps the public could take some cheese that was advertized on the chalk board in return for them telling me about their dreams… it is an exchange without money, and the roles are somewhat ambiguous - rather then a straight forward shop transaction employee serves customer the customer receives a commodity as a gift and the employee/server is confided in and paid in information.

After a while the Cheese Dreams project evolved into what it is now.

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