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Lucy Crouch

Lucy Crouch is an artist who makes work that stems from a core drawing practice; looking at different ways of approaching drawing and how it may manifest itself. 

This has included making rubbings form the damp on a wall that resembles maps, using longitude and latitude lines as constructs to make drawings with, and re-making a pencil using the collected graphite shavings from a previous drawing. 

Lucy is interested in marking moments in space and time, with a wish to embody distance and duration, and is drawn to the elusive place between experience and mediation. Through a process of transformation in slow and simple gestures the potential of this in-between moment is explored, utilizing and combining a drawing practice with film, photography and sculpture to deal with such distance and proximity, with location and dislocation. 

In her current work she is interested in exploring our perception of space and slowing down the act of looking, and began with an intention to simply draw the same image more than once.  Through making multiple drawings focusing on different parts of the image, the eye is taken on a journey around the space depicted.

In the first year of Hoard Lucy focused on the material accumulated whilst making the drawings, showing the objects related to the making process alongside the pencil shavings created, which are a physical residue and reminder of the process of making each drawing.  

Lucy Crouch has BA Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art Design, and is currently based in Wakefield.


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