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Sarah Binless

 Exploring the space between, I look at what can exist in the tension between divergent concepts embodied in a single object, combining the hand made with digital process and new media. Making is a way of thinking, as drawing is a way of seeing. Integrating concept as material and exploring what can occur in the space where material meets form.

My work is framed by contrasts or juxtapositions, constantly looking for alternate viewpoints. Interdisciplinarity is a standpoint exploiting the areas between boundaries, and making connections that cross borders. I re-examine our interpretation of the object, unpicking its fabric and meanings to challenge preconceptions and question assumed values. To compare real with symbolic, authentic with constructed.

While my practice is diverse in output, everything originates in curiosity - an open-minded investigation of themes and ideas, a desire to understand. To take objects and ideas apart, open up their matter and meaning, and reconnect them with fresh insight and intent.
The images submitted are drawn from a range of projects and include both finished pieces and work in progress. 


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