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Susan Timmins

Susan Timmins’ works are concerned with the encounter with banal, ordinary materiality and the relations found in visual, physical and associative contexts. 

 Since joining HOARD I’m faced with the nature of my studio and what emanates from it - it feels dissembled from a reversed angle.

 I ‘hoard’ in my head as much as digitally and materially; all in their raw condition propped casually or stored away carefully or just stashed.

 How do they arrive there?  Why these particular things amongst so many others?  Choices can be based on a functional manufactured purpose, a speculation of agency or the materials own natural qualities, its ‘thingness’. 

 How are these elements to be treated from this point?  The physical space allows a selection of what can be prioritised, or remain, a part of my private environment to take place.  

 Disparate elements become a part of something new, and HOARD has allowed various strands to be reviewed in this new context, and an opportunity to extend by testing further overlaps of completed ideas and works.’

Susan completed her MA Fine Art at the University of Leeds in 2012 and is based at Crescent Arts in Scarborough.


www.susantimmins.com  www.crescentarts.co.uk

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